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Let us help you take complete control of your energy, gas and water consumption.AllSolus provides end to end monitoring and energy management solutions.View your real-time data online and learn more about your energy use. Create your own profile and charts with this interactive user-friendly online management tool.

Welcome to Si Clean Energy

Si Clean Energy is a national wholesale distributor of the highest quality renewable energy products, including ABB, SMA and Ingeteam inverters. Our core strength is in our technical support service that gives our customers direct access to a dedicated team of service technicians and engineers.

Si Clean Energy is a privately owned company with management based on family values.

We have a long history of innovation and creativity in the solar power industry. Over the decades we have introduced many new products, techniques and concepts that have become mainstream and we continue to do so at an increasing rate. Since 1989 we have believed that “innovative and creative engineering is the bridge to the future” and this continues to drive our passion for technology that improves both efficiency and value for customers.

Si Clean Energy also manufactures a range of products, including off-grid inverters, energy management monitoring equipment and solar charge regulators. Electronics engineering is one of our core capabilities, as we believe that knowing what’s inside the box is the only way to ensure our customers receive the best products and technical support service possible.

We believe that getting to know our customers and their needs means fully engaging with people. We focus on learning what our customer challenges are and with dedicated support help our customers do what they do best – installing great solar power systems.

Our repair and service team operates an advanced facility that provides multi-level technical warranty and non-warranty support for inverters and charge controllers.

In 2015, we look forward to continuing to bring you the highest quality renewable energy products and services in line with our motto: Quality Products, Quality Engineering, Quality Support.

Latest News & Tips


13.05.15 Small Business Tax deduction update

Have you thought about installing a Solar Power System as your $20,000 small business tax deduction? EVERYONE is talking about the $20,000 tax...

Wetseal, Coffs

12.05.15 Commercial update

Si Clean Energy have just completed another commercial solar PV installation, this time for Wetseal Pty Ltd in Coffs Harbour. The size of...

Castle Street Car Park, Coffs Harbour

27.04.15 Coffs Council – Castle Street Car Park 30kW

Si Clean Energy have just completed another solar PV system for the Coffs Harbour Council, installing a 30kW system on the new roof...

Stuarts Point WC

27.04.15 Stuarts Point Workers Club

Si Clean Energy have completed another commercial PV system adding to their Retail Department Commercial Portfolio with the installation of a 40kW PV...


Energel Batteries

The Energel battery is set apart from its competitors when it comes to performance, reliability and long life.

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14_03_2014 085

PVI-5kW-TL Inverter

5kW AC Output IP65 Inverter with Twin Independent MPPT Inputs

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"When I decided to investigate solar power systems, energy storage batteries and inverters and how they could recharge my electric vehicle without connecting to the grid I discovered Si Clean Energy. With their passion for quality, service and ongoing technical support, they stood out as an Aussie company that could professionally deliver what I required...."

Dick Smith, April 2013

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