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Dec 22 2014

20MW Royalla Solar Farm, ACT

SI Clean Energy is very proud to be a part of what the Clean Energy Council branded as a landmark achievement and a bright moment for our industry.

Si Clean Energy is a key contractor for the 20MW Royalla solar farm in the ACT. Located just 23km from Canberra the Royalla solar farm, currently the largest solar farm in Australia, is now up and running.

“The launch of Australia’s largest solar farm today is a landmark achievement and a bright moment for an industry whose future is currently under a cloud, according to the Clean Energy Council”. – See more at: http://www.cleanenergycouncil.org.au/media-centre/media-releases/september-2014/140903-Royalla.html#sthash.BYB5KNMD.dpuf

The site occupies 50 hectares to accommodate 83,000 panels and 10 Ingeteam Power Stations. Each of the supplied Ingeteam Power Station comprises two 1MW central inverters, a 11,000 Volt 2MW transformer, 11,000 Volt circuit breaker, plus control and monitoring equipment, all housed in a 40ft sea container.

As the Australian sales and service partner of Ingeteam who supplied the inverters, Si Clean Energy played a vital role in the installation and commissioning of the inverters.

Si Clean Energy electricians, technicians and engineers worked extremely hard in difficult weather conditions to ensure that the solar farm was successfully energised and performing at maximum output. CTO Peter Bulanyi said, “it was a great responsibility for Si Clean Energy to undertake and play such a critical role on the project, and incredibly exciting to be calling and notifying the utility control centre as we sequentially energised each of the ten 2MW Ingeteam power stations. The best part was seeing a new record for PV solar farm production in Australia and most importantly, having 100% success with the job”