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May 12 2014

ABB acquisition of Power-One

From the 1st May 2014 the Power-One Renewable Energy business will transition over to the ABB name, brand and brand standards.

All Power-One Renewable Energy business branded assets will transition over to the ABB name, logo and brand standards on May 1st, 2014 including but not limited to:

Data sheets, manuals, and all other forms of sales support materials and technical documentation
Trade show signage and hardware
The Power-One Renewable Energy website
Joint marketing efforts with customers

The transition in terms of product labeling and packaging will be smooth in order to allow the proper depletion of Power-One inventories. ABB branded products will be gradually introduced during the course of the next months.

The Power-One product offering will remain intact as will all of the product certifications in all countries worldwide. This is about a change in brand name and not in the design and quality of the Power-One products.

Now that Power-One brand will become part of the ABB brand, customers, partners and the industry will get the best of both companies. Although the Power-One name will be going away, the strengths of the Power-One brand you have come to rely on will remain.

To read the full Power-One acquisition statement then please click on this link.


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