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Who We Are

An established Australian company, Si Clean Energy is a wholesale distributor of the highest quality renewable energy products, including Power-One Aurora inverters. Passionate about the products that are functional, durable and reliable, we run stringent internal testing on everything we choose to distribute. Consequently, we know exactly what is inside the boxes we sell.

We design, supply and install residential and commercial scale clean energy systems. We were proud to supply and install two 500kW inverters and commission the entire 1MW Uterne Solar City installation in Alice Springs.

Our senior R&D engineers and technicians improve the products we distribute and focus on the development of new products. We also manufacture a range of products, including off-grid inverters, energy management monitoring equipment and solar charge regulators. Our engineering capability sets us apart.

Our approach to selling is to enable our customers to make a decision that is right for them. A full technical understanding of our products and honesty and integrity in our selling process are our core strengths. Buying from us gives you the additional peace of mind as we are approved by major brands to oversee their product servicing and repairs in Australia.

Our service team operates a fully equipped centralised facility that provides multi-level technical support and warranty repairs for most of our products and installations. Our engineers and technicians offer prompt, reliable and thorough service throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

In 2015, we look forward to continuing to bring you best quality renewable energy products and services, in line with our motto: Quality Products. Quality Engineering. Quality Support.


SP PRO Series – SPMC240

The SP PRO is a bi-directional, low distortion sine wave inverter capable of interacting with a number of different types of AC sources.

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Selectronic AC coupling

The SP PRO / AC coupling configuration allows for a fully integrated and managed solar hybrid system.

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