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Dec 04 2013

All Solus monitoring

The AllSolusTM Wireless Energy Monitoring System has been developed to provide wireless monitoring solutions for electrical energy, renewable power generation, water and gas monitoring, environmental sensing and monitoring as well as system control and having the ability for visualisation, reporting and evaluation.

AllSolus provides end-to-end environmental monitoring and energy management solutions for schools, offices and commercial sites in the private and government sectors.

Monitor your electricity, solar, wind, temperature, water and gas with one system. Access your real-time data and expand your network to include water, gas and solar energy.

The overall objective and benefit of the AllSolusTM Wireless Energy Management System is contained within its long-range wireless transmission technology allowing simple installation and reliable performance of end-to-end monitoring, energy management and online visualisation for schools through the National Solar Schools Program (NSSP) project.

The AllSolusTM Wireless Energy Monitoring System with its long-range high powered 20km wireless transmission technology not only allows for extremely simple installation but ensures that signals can penetrate through many walls, cross floor space, open areas or connect buildings together. The automatic triangulation technology will always ensure that the strongest and quickest route back to base will always be taken for the transmission of data.

The unique live data logging ability of the AllSolusTM Wireless Energy Monitoring System allows you to observe real time energy usage at any time. It will also monitor the performance of a renewable energy system and prevailing environmental conditions, whether direct in the office on a PC or screen or viewed through live streaming via the unique and fully NSSP approved online web portal, viewable from anywhere in the world, the AllSolusTM system offers complete peace of mind.

The AllSolusTM Wireless Energy Monitoring System specialises in providing wireless monitoring solutions for energy, solar, water and environmental applications. Our innovative product design, R&D and assembly all occur in house in Australia using cutting edge technology to deliver the highest functionality and reliability. AllSolusTM is a fully Australian owned company, designed, manufactured and supported, end-to-end monitoring solution.

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