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Jul 17 2014

– Si announces new Distribution Agreement

Si Clean Energy are excited to announce their new partnership with Hareon Solar, a solar module pioneer that stands as a leader in the industry. Hareon Solar have a Bloomberg Tier One financial rating, a passion for innovative and creative engineering, and as does Si Clean Energy, an unwavering belief in a solar powered future.

Solar power as an emerging energy technology has arrived and Hareon Solar now stands as one of the strongest and largest PV companies in the world. With production facilities and services around the globe, they manufacture over 1.6 GW of cells and 1.1 GW of modules annually and have built over 700 MW of PV power-plant projects.

Hareon Solar are one of a very small number of solar manufacturers with a completely vertically integrated operation that develops their own technologies within their advanced R & D centres.

Since 2004, Hareon Solar have attached great importance to innovation and self-reliance. By initiating its own independent development of technologies and new products Hareon Solar ensures that it is at the fore front of the industry. The company has created a world-class R & D centre and in its advanced laboratories they create and develop products for every stage of the PV production, from silicon ingots, wafers, cells and modules, to complete PV systems. Their dedicated team of scientists works closely with leading scientific research institutes worldwide and maintains a leading position in the latest developments of photovoltaic efficiency and technology.

Since its founding Hareon Solar has maintained a global vision and their expanding global network now includes branches in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, and Australia.

At Si Clean Energy we are passionate about all of our products and maintain an in-house performance testing program to ensure performance, durability and reliability and we are delighted to have Hareon as our solar module partner. We look forward to offering our customers this high performing product from our new partner with whom we share so many values and goals.

With over 25 years of continuous trade, at Si Clean Energy we are a technician based company that knows exactly what is inside the boxes we sell. We are always willing to share our extensive knowledge with our sales partners.  This way, we can help you make product choices based on a complete technical understanding, which in turn can assist your business in achieving increased sales and lower operating costs. With in-depth product knowledge and expertise, the goal at Si Clean Energy is to provide only the best quality and highest reliability products in line with our core vision of “Quality Products, Quality Engineering, Quality Service”.

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