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Apr 27 2015

Coffs Council – Castle Street Car Park 30kW

Si Clean Energy have just completed another solar PV system for the Coffs Harbour Council, installing a 30kW system on the new roof at Castle Street Car Park in the town centre.

The design of this particular system was based around the new roof structure that was built early in 2015, working closely with the council to understand the exact needs and requirements enabled Si to provide a system that will be suitable for the current power needs as well as considering any future expansion.

The project took 3 days to complete using 120 Hareon panels and one ABB TRIO inverter. Using the latest technology and providing the highest quality products and support, Si continues to be one of the most respected companies in Australia for commercial PV installations. We understand that quality engineering, products and advice are the foundation to every customers investment. It is our goal to design, supply, construct and maintain our systems ensuring optimum performance and that each customers expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Hareon Solar were added to the Bloomberg New Energy Tier 1 list and manufacture over 1.6GW of modules annually with branches in the United States, Germany, Japan and Australia.

This ABB three-phase commercial inverter offers flexibility and control; the TRIO features high speed and precise MPPT algorithm for real power tracking and improved energy harvesting. This inverter has an efficiency rating of up to 98.2%. This new ABB inverter has additional features including a built in heat sink compartment and front panel display system. The unit is free of electrolytic capacitors leading to a longer product lifetime.

We are delighted to have added another PV system for the Council and look forward to continuing to assist with their renewable energy targets. This is another milestone for Si’s commercial PV portfolio that we are delighted to have been involved with.

The system has been operational from April 2015

Client – Coffs Harbour Council

Scope – Design, supply and installation

Completed – April 2015

120 x Hareon solar modules with one ABB TRIO inverter, with a custom roof mounting system.

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