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May 12 2015

Commercial update

Si Clean Energy have just completed another commercial solar PV installation, this time for Wetseal Pty Ltd in Coffs Harbour. The size of this system was 60kW and was designed to offset as much of their daytime power usage used in meeting the demands of the business needs.

Maximising the roof space available was a key factor in the engineering layout and design, the building located on Forge Drive offered excellent solar options with no shade challenges affecting the positional design for the panels.

Using 240 Hareon panels and 3 x 20kW ABB TRIO inverters enabled us to provide the 60kW system to meet their daily power needs. The project took two weeks to complete and throughout the entire installation there was no disruption to the daily activities for Wetseal.

Using the latest technology and providing the highest quality products and support, Si continues to be one of the most respected companies in Australia for commercial PV installations. We understand that quality engineering, products and advice are the foundation to every customers investment. It is our goal to design, supply, construct and maintain our systems ensuring optimum performance and that each customers expectations are not only met but exceeded.

We are delighted to have contributed to Wetseal’s long term energy strategy and environmental sustainability.