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Nov 19 2015

Electric Vehicle Charge Station

16th November 2015 marks a historical date for Si Clean Energy. On this day we installed an Ingeteam Garage electric vehicle charge station to our premises and provided a recharge for a very special visitor.

The visitor was a Tesla Model S electric vehicle (EV), who’s owners, Greg and Janet, were on their way home from Brisbane to Sydney. Due to the location of recharge stations, the first leg of their trip to Brisbane required two overnight stops in order to achieve the necessary battery recharges. For the return leg, they contacted Si Clean Energy to ask if we had the facility to recharge their Tesla EV thus allowing the trip to be made with one overnight stop.

Our answer was that “we did and we didn’t”. We had to this point installed a number of Ingeteam EV charge stations for Renault and Australia Post in Sydney and Melbourne, but not yet at our own facility in Coffs Harbour. However, since we held stock of the very EV charge station required, we offered to immediately install one at our Coffs Harbour facility.

Greg and Janet, then drove the full distance of around 450km directly to our facility at 15 Isles Drive, Coffs Harbour. We dropped our two guests over at the lovely Pier Hotel near the Coffs Harbour marina to enjoy their short stay, and then placed the car on charge overnight in our facility.
Once re-charged and ready to go, Greg and Janet made their way back to Coffs Harbour’s new EV charge station, and drove on to their home destination.

To the best of our knowledge this is the very first time an EV has travelled non-stopfrom Brisbane to Coffs Harbour. We hope to provide many more such re-charges to Electric Vehicle owners as they gain favour as an alternative to internal combustion vehicles. With an extensive solar panel system on the Si Clean Energy facility, the option of daytime EV charging not only means that there is zero running cost in driving from A to B, and that it produces zero pollution in doing so.





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