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Electric Vehicle Charge Stations


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – Si Clean Energy are the Australian distributor for the Ingeteam EV products that are currently utilised by Nissan, Renault and Australia Post. The INGEREV product range offers all the solutions for any kind of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

We are now starting to see a range of Electric Vehicles (EV) and PHEV (Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) take to our streets, from the Nissan Leaf, the Toyota Prius, The Mitsubishi Outlander, the Renault Zoe or Kangoo, the upper class BMW i3 and the Testla Model S (to name just a few). Manufactures are excited to drive the Electric Vehicle market forward and to do this they will need the help of companies like Si Clean Energy.

Every Electric Vehicle requires Power to be supplied to the batteries in a controlled and safe delivery method for storage, this requires two way communications between the Electric Vehicle Charger (EVC’s) and the vehicle.

Si Clean Energy through our national presence and expertise in Domestic and Commercial electrical installations has now added EV charging Stations (Electric Vehicle Chargers) to our product and solution offerings.

With commercial EV projects deployed in Victoria and NSW with great success we are now ready to bring this solution to all that have a need.

We have charging Solutions for

EV (Electric Vehicles)
PHEV (Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles)
Type 1 (J1772) or Type 2 (62196-2)
Single Phase or 3 Phase AC (Mode 3), 7.4kWatts to 22kWatt
Three Phase AC to 50kWatts DC (Mode 4) Fast Charging
Commercial or Domestic installations
Service level agreements
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