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Remote Off-Grid


 Battery Energy Storage System.

Since 1989, Si Clean Energy has developed and refined our off-grid systems to ensure reliability and performance are the highest possible. Our experience has shown that great care and attention to detail are required in order to build, operate and maintain reliable power systems that keep going for decades.

All of our collective knowledge goes into the design and construction of an Si Clean Energy off-grid system. In particular, the cabinets that house the system are of vital importance. Insects, dust, and rodents are a fact of life in Australia, and we have seen their effects time and time again. This is why we developed our customised enclosures to seal out the problems. Temperature however, is a crucial factor in the lifespan of batteries, and the performance of electronics. Our cabinets are carefully designed to keep your equipment operating cool with fan-forced air ventilation.

We offer technology that is based on science. Trends come and go, none more so than in the solar industry. Si Clean Energy has introduced and pioneered many techniques in Australia that have since become the standard. We remain at the forefront of off-grid design, and installation whilst retaining from the past what we know is reliable and works best.

DC coupling is an example in which an old technology retains many advantages in certain situations over the more recent AC coupling. We therefore offer both systems and in consultation with customers arrive at what is best for the proposed installation.

On-going maintenance of your off-grid system is of paramount concern to us. To that effect we consider that your power system is “in our hands” like a marriage and we want to see it well cared for. This is why we design the way we do and include heavy duty lightning protection, high quality circuit breakers, isolators and components. Anything less we believe only creates problems in the future.

We offer back-to-base monitoring via the internet so that we can view the energy flows, operating temperatures, and technical parameters of your system. We consider this to be essential so that we can forecast and predict problems sometimes years in advance of them occurring. This allows us to take preventative measures that save you money. For example, battery life is reduced by 50% if they are operated continuously at 10˚C above their rated temperature of 25˚C. It is only with careful monitoring and diligence that many costly issues can be resolved before they cause your batteries to prematurely fail.

Off-grid systems come in many shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of application. All of them are built in Coffs Harbour with passion and attention to detail. We take very seriously our responsibilities for your systems quality knowing that it is your connection to one of the necessities of life in our modern world, reliable electricity.


AllSolus Energy Monitoring System

With the “AllSolus” Energy Monitoring System, Si Clean Energy combats electricity costs head on.

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