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Residential Solar Installations

Residential Solar North Coast

Since 1989, Si Clean Energy has installed residential PV systems in the Coffs Harbour district. Our business began long before grid connect solar was available. In those early days  our passion was  to install and maintain off-grid power systems in the remote areas of our local district. As the industry has evolved, Si Clean Energy  as a pioneering company has contributed significantly to the development of many of the products and techniques in Australia that are now mainstream. Our passion for quality engineering, products and services continues to this day and we continue to offer residential solar installations from our Coffs Harbour head office. These days the technology mix that we install includes grid connect, with or without batteries and remote off-grid.

We are dedicated to maintaining the systems we install and provide on-going service to all that we have installed right back to that very first system in 1989. Contact our Coffs Harbour retail office on 1300 876 771 for more information on residential solar power installation.

Residential Solar North Coast is just one part of Australia where we install great quality PV systems.


Lake Cathie School

5kW Lake Cathie School

Si Clean Energy have added to their public school solar PV Portfolio with the installation of the 5kW PV system for the brand new school at Lake Cathie, NSW The project...

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Tradewinds Appt, Coffs Harbour

10kW Tradewinds Appartments, Coffs Harbour

The project was completed in March 2015 using a total of 40 panels (Hareon 250w) and one 10kW ABB inverter, the system has been operational from March 2015. Hareon Solar...

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Bonville School

10kW Bonville Public School

Si Clean Energy recently added to their school solar PV Portfolio with the installation of the 10kW PV system for Bonville Public School, NSW The project was completed during the...

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HP 2

8.5kW, Harrington Beach

Harrington Beach Pharmacy, 8.5kW system, Harrington Beach Design, supply and install this 8.5kW system 34 Hareon panels Two, 5kW single phase outdoor Solis inverters with monitoring Installed February 2015

Wilby 1

3kW, South West Rocks

Residential Solar, 3kW system, South West Rocks Design, supply and install this 3kW system 12 Hareon panels 3kW 3 phase outdoor SMA inverter with monitoring Installed January 2015

Hart 1

5kW system, Sapphire Beach

Residential Solar, 5kW system, Sapphire Beach Design, supply and install this 5kW system 20 Hareon panels 6kW 3 phase outdoor Solis inverter with monitoring Installed March 2015


2.4kW system Valla

Residential Solar 2.4kW system Valla Design, supply and install 2.4kW system 10 Kyocera panels 4.2kW outdoor Aurora inverter


2.64kW system, Boambee

Residential Solar, 2.64kW system, Boambee Design, supply and install 2.64kW system 11 Kyocera panels 5kW Aurora outdoor inverter  

Jetty - Coffs Harbour

3kW system, Coffs Harbour

Residential Solar, 3kW system, Coffs Harbour Design, supply and install this 3kW system 12 Renesola panels 10kW 3 phase outdoor Aurora inverter Installed February 2013  

Solar system Bellingen

7.35kW system, Bellingen

Design, supply and install 35 Kyocera panels 4.2 kW Aurora inverter Apollo T80 SP Pro

10kW system Stuarts Point

10kW system, Stuarts Point

Residential Solar, 10kW system, Stuarts Point Design, supply and install this 10kW system Installed April 2013 40 Renesola Panels one 10kW aurora inverter