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Jun 27 2016

Newly Commissioned Remote Off-Grid System In Sri Lanka

rooftop pic

We have recently commissioned a 46kW PV, 21kW Wind, Off-grid System with 100kW Li-Ion battery backup on the island of Eluvaitivu just off the northern tip of Sri Lanka. It was a profound experience to live and work there for some weeks in the scorching heat and very difficult conditions and to learn how hard it is for the local people. It was a stark reminder of the differences between wants and needs!

wiring up pic

We also installed AllSolus remote monitoring there to keep a watchful eye on the energy flows and all the technical aspects of the system. It connects directly to the wind inverters, battery inverters and PV inverters, plus the generator, load feeder and weather sensors. We’re very happy to see the system already displacing the consumption of so much diesel.


I was very sad to leave the island but also happy in the knowledge that the system is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka and is already having such a profound impact.

Looking forward to the next remote island project!

Peter and Asanka


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