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Sep 18 2014

Nissan approves Ingeteam

Ingeteam has received Nissan’s letter of acknowledgement for the compatibility of its CHAdeMO charger with the Nissan Leaf electric car model.

The approval was obtained following a period of technical trials conducted at Ingeteam’s facilities in Sarriguren (Navarre) with an electric car loaned by the Nissan- Arremotor car dealer.

During this trial period, Ingeteam’s rapid charging station, INGEREVĀ® ROAD, performed a number of charges at 125 amps and with an output power of 50 kW, giving the vehicle a driving range of 100 kilometres in just 20 minutes.


Nota de prensa

This approval strengthens the position of the CHAdeMO certified Ingeteam charger in the rapid charging station sector, having now been approved by all the major electric car manufacturers.

Ingeteam, which already received approval by Nissan UK for its INGEREVĀ® GARAGE residential charge points two years ago, has strengthened its position in the charging station manufacturing sector by receiving approval for the rapid charging of the Nissan Leaf, one of the leading electric vehicles in today’s market.

The INGEREV ROAD charging station series have been designed for rapid charging in public areas. They permit the vehicle charging process in direct current at a great power, ensuring the maximum security, simplicity and speed.

These charging stations transmit the power directly to the vehicle’s battery, resulting in a greater efficiency of the charging process at a shorter time. For a 50 kW output power, charging times move around 15 and 30 minutes, depending on the vehicle model and the kind of battery.

For further information on any of the Ingeteam EV models then please contact Si Clean Energy.