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Mar 30 2015

Sawtell Bowling Club

Si Clean Energy recently completed another addition to their Retail Department Commercial Portfolio with the installation of a 60kW PV system for Sawtell Bowling Club, NSW.

The project was completed in 4 weeks, with no disruption to any of the club members activities throughout this period, a total of 240 panels (Hareon 250w) and three 20kW ABB inverters installed. The system has been operational from March 2015.

Hareon Solar were added to the Bloomberg New Energy Tier 1 list and manufacture over 1.6GW of modules annually with branches in the United States, Germany, Japan and Australia.

This ABB three-phase commercial inverter offers flexibility and control; the TRIO features high speed and precise MPPT algorithm for real power tracking and improved energy harvesting. This inverter has an efficiency rating of up to 98.2%. This new ABB inverter has additional features including a built in heat sink compartment and front panel display system. The unit is free of electrolytic capacitors leading to a longer product lifetime.

Working closely with the club’s power requirements and building design we were able to offset as much of their power consumption as possible by maximising the available roof space. The club will start to see significant returns on the power bills as well as reducing their carbon footprint.

As part of this installation we supplied and installed one of our proprietary manufactured “All Solus” energy monitoring systems. This allows the club to record and display the solar system’s performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Offering the complete solar solution with maximum efficiency guaranteed through constant real time data monitoring will allow the club to identify their daily solar usage and consumption and adapt if required.

We appreciate very much to have been given the opportunity to contribute to Sawtell bowling Club’s long term energy strategy.

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