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Non Warranty Repairs

Si Clean Energy operates one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced inverter repair centres in Australia and have on hand key replacement components for all products. We are a technician-based company with a long history of workshop and field service since 1989.

Please phone 1300 767 761 (International: +61 2 6651 4548) to discuss the product fault. Should the unit need to come to the workshop, we can assist with the freight arrangements. An estimated cost and the repair turnaround time will be discussed at this time. In certain cases, a replacement product can be arranged while we service your inverter.


Powador 12.0TL3

This three-phase transformerless inverter features dual MPPT trackers.

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Powador 36.0TL3

This three-phase transformerless inverter is designed specifically for decentralised PV installations of commercial and industrial applications, such as large area factory roof systems.

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