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AllSolus Energy Monitoring System

With the “AllSolus” Energy Monitoring System, Si Clean Energy combats electricity costs head on.

Rising electricity costs continue to be of great concern to our customers. There are several  to approach these concerns, providing an effective solution to offset the cost is a key factor. One of the ways to offset the cost, is to generate electricity with a solar system;another, to simply consume less electricity.

Energy efficiency is more cost effectiveandhas greater benefits. By installing high efficiency, low cost equipment you can have active control of future electricity costs. At Si Clean Energy we say, “The cheapest kWh is the one that you don’t consume.”

In addition,energy consumption monitoringallows the user to modify their energy usage pattern. The “AllSolus” energy monitoring technology is a great example of consumption management. The product’s unique live data logging allows users to observe real-time energy usage, as well as monitor the performance of a renewable energy system and prevailing environmental conditions.

Si Clean Energy offers both solar generation equipment and energy monitoring equipment that suit various sites. For further information feel free to contact our wholesale distribution business.

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