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Powerlyte Batteries

Battery Energy’s powerLYTE battery is a premium grade AGM battery designed for minimal maintenance and ongoing support of critical applications.

Our Powerlyte AGM batteries offered are the highest of quality and excellent performance to meet the necessary high standards of critical networks for such markets as telecommunications, IT, UPS, railways, fire and security, power generation and distribution.

The PL and PXL range of AGM batteries (Absorbent Glass Matt) are either a 2-volt or 12-volt block with a 10 year design life for the PL range and 15 year design life for the PXL range.

They are certified by major international certification agencies and comply with international quality, manufacturing, and environmental standards. They have obtained their major international certificates in product quality management and manufacturing processes.

–   The highest quality standards – ISO9001 accredited.
–   Specifically designed corrosion resistant alloys.
–   High performance, long life active material.
–   UL (USA) Number: MH27867.
–   CE (Europe) Number: G4M201014-0412-E-16.

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