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Huawei inverters are designed with class leading performance and features. With a Photon magazine A+ rating at 98.1% overall effiency for high irradiance climates, the Huawei SUN-2000 range of inverters are perfect for Australian conditions.

The SUN2000-33KTL’s three independent MPPTs offer maximum installer flexibility with DC inputs that may be configured in Parallel (Single-MPPT), Independent (Multi-MPPT) or Asymetrical (Uneven-MPPT) configurations.

Please download the PDF data sheet for more detailed specs.

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Product Specifications

Eu Efficiency
MPP Voltage Range
200 - 980 Vdc
MPP Voltage Range at Full Power
480 - 800Vdc
DC Input Optimum Voltage
620 Vdc
Maximum DC Input Current per MPPT
23 A
550 x 770 x 270 mm

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