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TurboCharger T80 – T80HV

The TurboCharger T80 integrates Maximum Power Point Tracking, Battery Charge management, State of Charge Information and Communications into a single device. Two of these modules in a series string will generate 103 volts at Vmp, but the Voc is almost 160 volts which will destroy all the 140/150 volt charge controllers. The T80HV is designed to operate up to 200 Voc and 160 Vmp.

The T80 captures up to 35% more power from the solar (PV) array. The controller uses the same technology developed to help NASA harness additional power from their solar arrays. The T80 TurboChargerTM integrates Maximum Power Point Tracking, battery charge management, state of charge information and communications into a single device. With 80 Amps continuous output, the T80 has one of the largest capacities.

Both of these products are manufactured by Si Clean Energy.


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