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Canadian Solar TOPHiKu6 Panels






Canadian Solar conducts rigorous in-house testing in our laboratories to ensure our
products are durable and reliable and we regularly submit our products to the world’s
leading independent testing institutes. We check every one of our products at 478 different
checkpoints along the manufacturing process to ensure we make the best quality panels for
our customers.
Canadian Solar ranks among the world-leading companies in terms of solar technology.
We have more than 3,000 granted intellectual properties with nearly 600 more pending
applications. With more than 250 scientists, engineers and technicians, our Research and
Development department continuously strives to develop and deliver high-efficiency solar
panels, inverters, and storages, and leads in this constantly evolving industry.
All our panels, inverters, and components comply with safety certification and all relevant
international standards. Canadian Solar is accredited by the Clean Energy Council and all our
solar products sold in Australia comply with accordant standards that maximise safety and

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