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Jul 21 2013

Si Clean Energy Introduces Ingeteam

Australia recently achieved a great milestone: more than 1 million residential photovoltaic solar systems installed across the country. As a result, grid stability has become a cause for concern.

Many electrical distribution networks have high enough levels of photovoltaic (PV) solar penetration to be pushing the line voltage above what is acceptable to the network operator. In addition, cloudy weather can cause PV systems to supply energy in an intermittent way that causes unpredictable load fluctuations for conventional energy generators.

by introducing a bi-directional energy monitor that communicates with an export control inverter (ECI), and installing the monitor between the grid and a site’s electrical distribution system, it becomes possible to prevent any solar energy from leaving the site. Though doing this the PV system does not contribute to any increase in the line voltage external to the site.

PV systems have now been developed to not only resolved instability problems but to also offer significant economic advantages to both the owners of systems and network operators faced with the associated costs of expanding their poles and wires infrastructure.

With this in mind, Si Clean Energy has entered into a new partnership with Ingeteam, a global brand with more than 60 years’ experience and more than 31 gigawatts (GW) supplied to the renewable energy market worldwide. Ingeteam’s electronics and software have been specially developed for INGECON© inverters, resulting in a high-quality product that is adaptable to the specific characteristics of each installation.

Ingeteam’s work in the industrial and energy sectors stretches back to 1972, and the company has an ongoing policy of technological development.

In the 1990s, Ingeteam become more involved in the development of electrical and control systems specific to the renewable energy industry; this was initially directed at the wind power and hydroelectric sector and then, from 2001 inwards, the company broadened its scope to encompass the PV sector as well.

Since then, Ingeteam has provided customers with more than 3 GW of power via INGECON SUN PV inverters.

With extensive experience in the design and supply of on-grid inverters for power ratings ranging from 2.5 – 1,000 kilowatts, Ingeteam is well-equipped to work on small- to large-scale PV plants.

One of Ingeteam’s key benchmark projects is the 70 megawatt (MW) PV plant at San Bellino, Italy. The 60 MWpNobesol solar plant situated in Olmedilla de Alarcon in Spain is another project in which Ingeteam participated, supplying more than 450 INGECON SUN 100 inverters.

Ingeteam has also supplied on-grid PV inverters to commercial installations, such as the world’s largest PV greenhouse – a 20 MW installation in Sardinia, Italy.

The introduction of ECI systems provides a significant advantage to network operators, due to the fact that they facilitate very high rates of PV penetration that in turn reduce the need for utilities to expand generation capacity.

With the existing 1,000,000 uncontrolled PV systems installed in Australia, a significant lowering of demand on network has occurred. ECI systems allow this trend to increase significantly further than was previously imagined.

For a sun-drenched country like Australia, that can only be a good thing.