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Feb 20 2015

Si Clean Energy powers the drive of Electric Vehicles

Si Clean Energy powers the drive of Electric Vehicles

Si Clean Energy through its partnership with Ingeteam is excited to announce their contribution to in the introduction of the Renault Electric Vehicle (EV) range to Australia. Electric Vehicles are starting to sweep the world and the market in Australia is just starting to warm to the idea as investment in the technology now makes clear and unequivocal financial sense for both vehicle Fleet Operators and private owners.

We are now starting to see a range of Electric Vehicles appear on our streets, from the Nissan Leaf, the Renault Zoe, the luxury class BMW i3 and soon the Tesla (to name just a few). Manufacturers are excited to drive the Electric Vehicle market forward and Si Clean Energy EV products and services are playing their part in this exciting new industry.

Every Electric Vehicle requires power to be supplied to the batteries by a controlled and safe delivery method. This requires two way communications between the Electric Vehicle Charger (EVC) and the vehicle. Ingeteam are a global leader in power technology and have been selected by Renault as its preferred global supplier and manufacturer for their IngeREV range of EVCs

Si Clean Energy is Ingteam’s Australian partner for sales, installation and service of the Ingeteam IngeREV range of Electric Vehicle technology. Ingeteam are certified, licensed and fully approved by Renault, to use the Z.E Ready trade mark. This allows the deployment of the IngeREV range of Electric Vehicle chargers throughout Australia in all Renault Electric Vehicle charger installations and projects.

Si Clean Energy worked closely with Renault Australia to design and install EV charging stations for their head office, dealer network and fleet customers. The installations use best practice electrical techniques to provide charging stations with strict environmental and safety compliance.

Renault Australia’s first local fleet trial of their EV vehicle range is with Australia Post. Australia Post is currently running a 12 month proof-of-concept trial of the technology using the Renault Kangoo Maxi Z.E for day-to-day parcel and letter deliveries on selected routes. Si Clean Energy designed, supplied and installed EV charging stations to Australia Post’s Port Melbourne facility.

Further IngeREV deployments in 2015 are planned for Australia Post beginning with EV charging stations at their Star Track depot in Sydney.

Si Clean Energy is proud to support our clients Renault and Australia Post in this dawning of a new age in transportation.

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