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Aug 01 2017

Si Introduces the POWERCAB for Off-Grid and Hybrid Power Solutions

[POWERCAB for Off-Grid and Hybrid Power Solutionsid=”1″]PowerCab-install

The PowerCab is the evolution of 30 years Off-Grid experience.

During these past three decades, as both a National industry supplier and installer we have
successfully completed many installations, service callouts, tech support calls,
solar R&D projects and technical innovations. The PowerCab is
designed and built in Australia to suit the harshest conditions imaginable and using the best components available. Off-Grid system owners have a zero tolerance of failure, and they are often located in remote locations. Maximising battery life is paramount, and our included remote monitoring service ensures that the first 12 months goes smoothly and that the system beds in as designed.
The PowerCab system is manufactured on the basis that power reliability and power quality is not negotiable.
The client’s satisfaction, investment and trust are supported with the detailed report that is provided each quarter by our service team outlining the system and battery health.

SP PRO Series – SPMC481

The SP PRO is a bi-directional, low distortion sine wave inverter capable of interacting with a number of different types of AC sources.

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