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Jun 30 2014

– Si’s new partnership with Solis

Si Clean Energy is pleased to announce their partnership with leading inverter manufacturer Solis. This partnership will allow Si Clean Energy to deliver the very latest in solar inverter technology including a leading edge Maximum Power Point algorithm known as “Incremental Conductance”.

Solis is a Spanish influenced brand name that has been derived from the Latin “sol”, meaning, “sun”. The Solis 2G inverter family has the benefit of more than a decade of technical development and evolution.  The resulting flexibility, performance and reliability produce exceptional energy yields and ongoing customer satisfaction which is essential in a demanding market such as Australia.

The Solis 2G inverter technology originates from their success in designing and manufacturing extremely robust wind generation power electronics. This is an even more demanding technical challenge than PV in which Maximum Power Point tracking must occur with extreme speed and precision. Success with wind inverters, where durability and reliability cannot be compromised, naturally flows to success with solar inverters, and as such, these qualities are evident throughout all Solis products.

Solis inverters exceed a Euro efficiency of 96% under normal operating conditions and all Solis inverters have been designed and rated IP65 in order to withstand harsh outdoor applications. Solis inverters meet or exceed all AS/NZ 4777 requirements and are included on the CEC approved listing. Si Clean Energy’s confidence with Solis inverters is a perfect match with their core vision of Quality Products, Quality Engineering and Quality Service.

Inverters are the most important component of a PV system requiring particular care when choosing brand and model to suit the customer’s requirements. Si Clean Energy are passionate about their products and maintains an in-house performance testing program to ensure performance, durability and reliability. Solis inverters exceed their expectations in all areas and are confident they will exceed yours too.

Through many years of inverter sales and service Si Clean Energy knows exactly what is inside the boxes they sell and are always willing to share their extensive knowledge. This way, they can help you make product choices based on a complete technical understanding, which in turn can assist your business in achieving increased sales and lower operating costs. With in-depth product knowledge and expertise, the goal at Si Clean Energy is to provide only the best quality and highest reliability products.

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