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10kW Bonville Public School

Si Clean Energy recently added to their school solar PV Portfolio with the installation of the 10kW PV system for Bonville Public School, NSW

The project was completed during the school holidays in order to minimise disruption to both pupils and staff enabling the Si team to complete the project in minimum time. Using a total of 40 panels (Hareon 250w) and one 10kW SMA inverter the system has been operational from February 2015.

One key component of this system was to provide a monitoring system that would allow the Staff and pupils to have a visual display of the many different aspects of the schools power consumption, that in turn can be used as an educational tool. We supplied and installed one of our proprietary manufactured “All Solus” energy monitoring systems. This allows the school to record and display the solar system’s performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Offering the complete solar solution with maximum efficiency guaranteed through constant real time data monitoring will allow everyone involved in the school to identify their daily solar usage and consumption and adapt if required.

Client – Bonville Public School

Scope – Design, supply and installation

Completed – February 2015

40 x Hareon solar modules with one 10kW SMA inverters, custom roof mounting system and AllSolus monitoring.