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10kW Tradewinds Appartments, Coffs Harbour

The project was completed in March 2015 using a total of 40 panels (Hareon 250w) and one 10kW ABB inverter, the system has been operational from March 2015.

Hareon Solar were added to the Bloomberg New Energy Tier 1 list and manufacture over 1.6GW of modules annually with branches in the United States, Germany, Japan and Australia.

The 10kW ABB inverter is designed for commercial usage, it is a three-phase inverter that is highly unique in it’s ability to control the performance of the PV panels, especially during periods of variable weather conditions. This transformer less device has two independent MPPT’s and an efficiency rating of up to 97.8%.

Client – Tradewinds Apartments

Scope – Design, supply and installation

Completed – March 2015

40 x Hareon solar modules with one 10kW ABB inverter, custom roof mounting system and monitoring.