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Comms Card 2017 Upgrade Kit

Comms Card 2017 Upgrade Kit

Any 48V SP PRO Series II can have the Comms Card 2017 added to work with single phase LG Chem RESU batteries.

Essential for successful integration:

  • For use with 48 V, Series II models only (SPMC481 & SPMC482).
  • You must purchase the Comms Card 2017 Upgrade Kit (order code 005267).
  • Before removing the old card, you must use SP LINK to update the SP PRO firmware to 9.11 or higher.
  • Replace the communications card in the SP PRO with the new Comms Card 2017.


  • The battery determines the maximum output power of the SP PRO.
  • This is for single phase, AC-coupled systems only at this stage.

Installation is straightforward and should take installers around 10 minutes.

For the full installation procedure, refer to the following document:

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